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2018 Dancing Stars of Central Georgia


2018 Dancing Stars of Central Georgia

Gala Date   May 5, 2018
Time   6 p.m. - Midnight
Location   Macon City Auditorium
Dancing Stars of Central Georgia is an exciting benefit for the Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter. Our take on the popular tv dance competition, this fundraising event is comprised of 12 local celebrity dancers paired with professional dancers, all raising funds by gaining votes! Then the dancers come together to compete in a one night gala dance competition, it’s an event you do not want to miss! 

Our Progress

10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Funds Raised
75 Days
Until The Gala

Vote For Your Favorite Dancing Star

    dancing stars of cga          DS of Central GA       dancing stars of cga        DS of Central GA        
Darlyn Davis   Padmashree "Champa" Woodham   Linda Brennan   Stan Hickman  
       DS of Central GA
  Chris' photo.jpg          DS of Central GA         DS of Central GA         
Douglas Brewer   Chris Tsavatewa   Wimberly Treadwell   Lori Mitchell  
                                    DS of Central GA                DS of Central GA                DS of Central GA            DS of Central GA   
 John Holmes Brittany Turner      Jordon Hale    Ernie Carlton

Top Dancing Stars

  1. Padmashree "Champa" Woodham - $8,050.00
  2. Personal Gift Linda Brennan - $6,200.00
  3. Stan Hickman - $3,985.00
  4. John Holmes - $3,600.00
  5. Personal Gift Ernie Carlton - $2,550.00
  6. Darlyn Davis - $2,300.00
  7. Chris Tsavatewa - $1,810.00
  8. Personal Gift Lori Mitchell - $1,600.00
  9. Douglas Brewer - $550.00

Top Donors

  1. Daron Woodham
  2. Qwest Group, LLC
  3. Artistic Restorations Dental Lab
  4. Kelvin Drawdy
  5. Lori & Todd Mitchell
  6. Ernie Carlton
  7. Securitas Financial Services
  8. Geotechnical & Environmental Consultants, INC
  9. Heart of Georgia Rheumatology, LLC
  10. Stan & Blair Hickman
  11. Susan and Paul Holmes
  12. Sam Holmes
  13. Labor & Delivery Navicent Health
  14. The family of Mrs. Bonnie M. Morris
  16. Rick and Hannah Wallace
  17. Dr. Margaret Moore
  18. Mr. James L Cunningham
  19. Dr. & Mr. Amber P Lawson
  20. Anonymous

Thank You To
Our Sponsors