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2018 Dancing Stars of Augusta, GA


2018 Dancing Stars of Augusta, GA

Gala Date   May 4, 2018
Time   6 pm Cocktails, Dinner and Program
Location   Marriott Hotel & Convention Center

Our take on the popular tv dance competition, this special fundraising event is comprised of local celebrity dancers paired with professional dancers, all raising funds by gaining votes in a one-night gala dance competition.

This fun-filled evening lets you experience the glamour of dancing while voting ($1=1 vote) for your favorite pair and listening to feedback from a panel of local celebrity judges!  At the end of the night, there are two winners - People's Choice Award for the couple with the highest fundraising total and Judge's Choice Award for the couple who receives the highest judge's score. Afterwards, take a spin around the dance floor yourself!

All funds raised suport Alzheimer's research and the programs and services provided to individuals, families and caregivers affected by this devastating disease.

Our Progress

10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Funds Raised
15 Days
Until The Gala

Vote For Your Favorite Dancing Star


    DS of Augusta      DS of Augusta       DS of Augusta  
Fenway   Shalonda Blount   TJ Simmons  
DS of Augusta       DS of Augusta        DS of Augusta       DS of Augusta  
Carey Miller   Sam Baker   Marion Leger Petruzzi   Jeffrey Freehof 
  DS of Augusta   DS of Augusta   DS of Augusta   DS of Augusta

Stephan Swafford   Leigh Porterfield   Henry Evans   Angela Capps 

Top Dancing Stars

  1. Marion Leger Petruzzi - $18,707.00
  2. Leigh Porterfield - $8,448.00
  3. Carey Miller - $6,695.00
  4. Sam Baker - $5,831.55
  5. TJ Simmons - $4,800.00
  6. Jeffrey Freehof - $3,384.00
  7. Personal Gift Stephan Swafford - $1,365.00
  8. Angela Capps - $740.00
  9. Shalonda Blount - $480.00
  10. Fenway . - $470.00
  11. Henry Evans - $375.00
  12. Michele Toth - $254.00

Top Donors

  1. The Knox Foundation
  2. Petruzzi A&M LLC
  3. Connie Jones
  4. Tracy Anderson
  5. Blanchard & Calhoun Real Estate Company
  6. Miriam Atkins
  7. Law Office of Amanda M. Bellotti
  8. Mr. & Mrs. Marty and Patty Baker
  9. Brittany Harrington
  10. Bert Freehof
  11. Herbert Homes, Inc.
  12. Mr. michael ashton parker
  13. In honor of Betty Byrd.
  14. Pam Randall
  15. Gerald Jones Auto Group
  16. Stephan Swafford
  17. Steven Cover
  18. AAA Electrical Solutions, Inc.
  19. Candle Hospitality, LLC
  20. Jason Redman

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