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Instructional Videos

Need help registering or using your participant center? Click the appropriate link below to view an instructional video to help you get started.

     VIDEO: Registering for a Walk

     VIDEO: Accessing your Participant Center

     VIDEO: Participant Center Overview

     VIDEO: Updating your Personal Page

     VIDEO: Sending Email in your Participant Center

Written Guides

You can also view step by step instructions in the written guides below:

      PDF: How to Register

      PDF: Using your Participant Center

      PDF: Using the Fundraise with Facebook App

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I re-start my 2012 team?
To re-start a 2012 team for a 2013 walk, you must have been a member of the team in the same 2012 event, and log in with the username and password you used last year. Forgot your username and password? Request it here. When you're ready to register, follow these instructions.

Why does my browser ask if I'd like to share my location?
Our 2013 Walk to End Alzheimer's website uses a technology called "Geolocation." When you arrive on the site, you will be prompted to share your location.  This location is based on the IP Address of your Internet Service Provider, GPS if you're browsing on a GPS-enabled device, or cellular data if you're on a cellular/LTE device. By sharing your location, the website can quickly show you the five walks closest to you. The Alzheimer’s Association will not store or use geolocation data for any other purposes than providing information on Walk events near you.

My "Walks Near You" section is not showing walks near me - why?
The Walks Near You section may show no information or incorrect information for various reasons. If you deny the "share your location" prompt (or if you've set your browser settings to never allow geolocation in the past), this section will not populate walks near you. Geolocation for internet-enabled devices is based on the IP address of your Internet Service Provider, and the Walks closest to your ISP may differ from the Walks closest to you. If you are using a browser version that does not support Geolocation, this section will not populate. If you are using a VPN client, this section may not populate, or may populate walks close to the area where your VPN network is hosted.

Common Participant Center Error Messages:
The body and content contained invalid HTML tags that were removed
-- this error will appear if you try to add a hyperlink or image to your personal or team page content. This error may also occur if you copy and paste content directly from Microsoft Word.  If you intend to paste from Word, you can use the Paste from Word or "Paste from Word" icon in the text editor menu.

Who do I contact if I need more help?
For additional help regarding our website, please contact your local chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.


To make a donation, first search for a walker to support.