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The Alzheimer’s Association encourages every game, team and participant to enjoy the rivalry, but also to embrace the reason we’re all on the field, together in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease:

Two sides, one team
Alzheimer’s disease does not choose sides.
Alzheimer’s disease does not keep score.
Alzheimer’s disease does not play fair.

On the football field we may be Blondes and Brunettes, but together we are UNITED as ONE team in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

We play for our grandparents, parents and ourselves. We play because unless we change the course of this disease, it will take a devastating toll on the families of future generations. Game day will come and go, but we will continue to fight Alzheimer’s disease until we win.

Alzheimer’s disproportionately affects women, both as people with the disease and as caregivers. As an event created and played by women, Blondes vs. Brunettes sends a message of solidarity: We plan to meet this disease with energy and attitude. We are the generation that can provide both the fuel and the spark in this fight. We are Blondes vs. Brunettes and we are a team united to tackle Alzheimer’s disease.


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