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  • HB72--Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation--House committee voted unanimous approval.  It now goes to House Rules
    Committee prior to being put on the calendar for a vote on the House floor.
  • HB86--Reposition Aging Agency--passed the House, and crossed over to the Senate.  The Senate Health and
    Human Services Committee passed the bill.  It is now in the Senate Rules Committee, prior to being placed on the
    calendar for a vote on the Senate floor.
  • HR304—Infusion of Dementia and Gerontology Into Curricula of Institutions of Higher Education—Encourage
    Georgia’s technical schools, colleges and universities to expand gerontology sand dementia education and training.
    This passed the House on 2/28, and now crosses over to the Senate to the Senate Higher Education Committee.
  • Appropriations
    • Home and Community Based Services—currently included in the House version of the budget, for $1.5 million
    • GARD Coordinator Position—currently included in the House version of the budget, for $107,594
    • Other Bills of Interest that We Support:
      • SB109—Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment—passed the Senate Health and  Human Services
        Committee and is in Rules Committee for placement on Senate Floor Calendar.
      • SB207Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act (UAGPPJA)—this was
        filed on March 4, and assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
      • We are Watching/Monitoring the Following Bills
        • HB34—Georgia Right to Try Act
        • HB306—Medical assistance; provide for conversion of life insurance policies for funding for long-term
          care services to delay medical assistance
        • HB342—Nursing Homes; violation of certain regulations shall not constitute negligence
        • HB445—More Take Home Pay Act of 2015          

HB86 passed with only "no" vote!

SB109--POLST--passed the Senate 44-0, and now crosses over to the House.

HB72 unanimously passed the House on Wednesday, March 11. It now crosses over to the Senate.

Reminder:  this Friday, March 13, Day 30 of the 40-Day Session and is Crossover Day.
  Any bill that has not
crossed over from one house to the other—Senate to House or House to Senate, by the end of the day, will be
dead for this Session.  Since this is the first year of a two-year session, any bill not crossing over may be taken up
again next year. 

Following this Friday, there are only 10 days remaining in the Session.

Below is the remaining schedule for this year’s Session:

Legislative Update March 5 2015

 Interested in looking up Federal or State Legislation? These two sites will help:

For Federal Legislation:

Legislative Information
A service from the U.S. Library of Congress. Includes a schedule of current floor activities in Congress, documentation of all major legislation, summaries of bills and their status, text of the Congressional Record, committee reports, and home pages. Provides information about other Congressional Internet sites, Library of Congress Web links and a directory of e-mail addresses for members of Congress.

For Georgia Legislation: 

To check the status of a bill in the Georgia Legislature, or to see a photo of your GA state senator or GA state representative, go to: On the left-hand menu bar, click on "Search Legislation" to find a specific bill. On the same menu bar, click on "Picture Book," to find a photo of your legislator. It sometimes takes a little time for the picture book to be updated during the first year of the two-year session.