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Policy and Advocacy

The Association is the leading voice for Alzheimer's disease advocacy, fighting for critical Alzheimer's research, prevention and care initiatives at the state and federal level.  We diligently work to make Alzheimer’s a national priority. Join our effort

Our Advocates

Advocates are people with Alzheimer’s and related disorders, caregivers, friends, family  members, and professionals who raise awareness and urge government to support research and care. Alzheimer advocates play an important role in improving the quality of care and quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families by working to improve dementia care and services; improve access to community-based care; improve quality care in residential settings; and expand funding for research and public programs serving people with dementia.

We make it easy for you.  As an advocate, you will:

  • Receive regular updates about current legislative and public policy issues.
  • Stay on top of policy and legislative issues through alerts and updates.
  • Make calls or write to legislators to forward public policy priorities to improve quality of life for those living with Alzheimer’s.  Easy to use internet forms, mail and email addresses and office phone numbers are provided for all elected officials in your area

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Local Advocacy Events

None scheduled at this time. Contact vmcgrail@alz.org.

Annual Memory Day Luncheon at the Ohio Statehouse

Advocates Make 2014 Memory Day A Memorable Experience
Alzheimer advocates from across Ohio made theirvoices heard during the 16th annual Ohio Memory Day at the OhioStatehouse in Columbus on Wednesday, April 2. A record number of advocates (over360) participated in the event, sponsored by the Ohio Council of theAlzheimer's Association.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, Ohio Department of Aging Director Dr. BonnieKantor-Burman were among the featured speakers at the luncheon program held inthe statehouse atrium. Each expressed their commitment to the fight againstAlzheimer's disease and supporting programs that will help affected individualsand their caregivers. House SpeakerWilliam Batchelder was honored for his long standing support of the Council andits mission.

Memory Day provides Alzheimer's advocates from across thestate the opportunity to meet with their legislators as well as fellowadvocates in support of the Alzheimer's Association advocacy mission. Thelegislative focus of this year's event is protection of the Alzheimer's RespiteLine Item (ARLI).

2014 Ohio Legislative Priorities

The Ohio Council of the Alzheimer's Association is comprised of seven Association Chapters that serve the State of Ohio for the purpose of presenting and advancing public policy initiatives related to Alzheimer's disease and other dementias at both the state and federal levels. Our mission is to provide a statewide advocacy voice to ensure that executive, legislative and judicial decisions meet the needs and represent the interests of Ohioans with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, their families and caregivers.

To address the growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease and its impact on Ohio, the Ohio Council of the Alzheimer’s Association will work to:

  • Preserve and enhance state programs that provide critical support to individuals with Alzheimer’s and their family caregivers.
  • Effectively collaborate with appropriate state agencies and stakeholders in the development and implementation of the Dementia Capable Ohio Plan. This plan will ensure that all of Ohio is aware and educated on the needs of people living with dementia and will provide support for those who care for them.
  • Ensure that current Alzheimer’s Respite programs and services are adequately funded to accommodate the growing need of such programs and services provided by the Alzheimer’s Association in Ohio through the Alzheimer’s Respite Line Item (490-414).
  • Ensure that proper training in dementia care is provided to all individuals employed in the delivery of care in residential, home and adult day settings.
  • Support ongoing surveillance and data collection on cognitive impairment and caregiving through the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS).
  • Advocate for the protection of Medicaid services or eligibility assuring families and individuals with Alzheimer’s that needed services are available in the most appropriate setting.

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Our Ambassadors

The Alzheimer's Association Ambassador Program is vital to the federal policy success of the Association. Alzheimer's Ambassadors are advocate leaders who focus their advocacy activities on their own member of Congress and district staff.

The Central Ohio Chapter has an Ambassador and advocate volunteers identified for the following Congressional districts. We meet several times a year with your U. S. Representative. and do our best to keep them informed of critical issues needing their support.  You are encouraged to join our Ambassador teams.

  • Ohio House District #3 -- Congresswoman Joyce Beatty -- Ambassador:  James Ragland
  • Ohio House District #12 -- Congressman Pat Tiberi  -- Ambassador:  Evan DuBro
  • Ohio House District #15 -- Congressman Steve Stivers  -- Ambassador:  Lori Wengerd

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National Legislative Priorities

Our nation must have an effective blueprint and a serious financial investment in order to avert the Alzheimer's crisis.

Policymakers must enact public policies aimed at preventing this disease as well as providing better health and long-term care coverage to ensure high-quality, cost-effective care for people with Alzheimer's and their caregivers.

Visiting Washington, DC?

Are you going to Washington, DC, for a vacation this year? Would you be interested in joining the fight against Alzheimer’s disease? If you have time while in Washington, DC, we can help arrange a meeting with your member of Congress. You will have the opportunity to discuss the legislative priorities of the Alzheimer’s Association and ask your member of Congress to make fighting Alzheimer’s disease a national priority!  For more information, contact us at advocateinfo@alz.org.


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