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Save the date
2016 Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum
April 4-6, 2016
Washington Marriott Wardman Park


What is an advocate?

Alzheimer advocates play an important role in improving the quality of care and quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families by working to improve dementia care and services; improve access to community-based care; improve quality care in residential settings; and expand funding for research and public programs serving people with dementia.

As an advocate, you will:

  • Receive regular updates about current legislative and public policy issues.
  • Stay on top of policy and legislative issues through alerts and updates.
  • Make calls or write to legislators to forward public policy priorities to improve quality of life for those living with Alzheimer’s.

Nebraska Advocacy

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Nebraska State Alzheimer's Plan

The state of Nebraska needs to support the growing number of people with Alzheimer's disease. A comprehensive state government Alzheimer's disease plan would identify critical issues, explore solutions, and construct a roadmap to guide a state's development into a dementia-capable state.

Learn more about Alzheimer's State Plans>>

Thank you, Advocates!!

With your help, LB320 was approved by the Governor on May 27, 2015. Learn more

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  #ENDALZ    #LB320
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