Pictured Above Kansas City Advocacy Rally - Advocate Charlie Miller with Missouri Representative Craig Bland and Dr. Melvin McFarland.

Join us for the 2013 Missouri Memory Day!

You are invited to participate in the Missouri Coalition of Alzheimer’s Association Chapters' 2013 Memory Day.  Come share your views, comments and perspectives about what is needed in Missouri communities for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias with Missouri State policy makers.  This is also an opportunity to get informed on current policy and legislation that impacts individuals with memory loss and their families.

Event Details:

  • Date: Wednesday, March 13th
  • Time: 7:45 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 
  • Where: Missouri State Capitol Building, Jefferson City, MO.
  • RSVP: For more information and to reserve your seat on the Kansas City and St Joseph Memory Day Shuttle call 913-831-3888 or e-mail

Advocacy Update: National Alzheimer's Plan, Help Make it a National Priority

The Alzheimer's Association commends the Obama administration for developing the country's first-ever National Alzheimer's Plan released May, 16 2012. The development of the plan is a result of a mandate within the National Alzheimer's Project Act that was passed unanimously through bipartisan congressional support and signed into law by the president last year.

"This is a strong plan that promises important progress when implemented," said Harry Johns, president and CEO of the Alzheimer's Association. "For all Americans — not just the more than 5 million living with Alzheimer's and their 15 million caregivers today — this plan is an historic achievement."

View the National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease

What is an advocate?

Alzheimer advocates play an important role in improving the quality of care and quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families by working to improve dementia care and services; improve access to community-based care; improve quality care in residential settings; and expand funding for research and public programs serving people with dementia.

As an advocate, you will:

  • Receive regular updates about current legislative and public policy issues.
  • Stay on top of policy and legislative issues through alerts and updates.
  • Make calls or write to legislators to forward public policy priorities to improve quality of life for those living with Alzheimer’s.  

Join the cause

The Alzheimer’s Association Heart of America Chapter invites you to become an Alzheimer advocate. Join us and speak up for the needs and rights of people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families.

Add your voice to ours — become an advocate today.

Act Now

Missouri advocacy


 Alzheimer’s State Plan Task Force

On 5/5/09 Missouri passed HB272 establishing an Alzheimer’s State Plan Task Force to evaluate current needs and services and develop a plan to help confront the challenges of dealing with Alzheimer’s disease for future generations.

Findings and recommendations were submitted to the General Assembly and the Governor in November, 2010 and the task force will continue to meet through 2012 to implement and monitor the recommendations.

 Read the Missouri Alzheimer's State Plan (49 pages).

Alzheimer’s Service Grants

In 2012, the Missouri General Assembly appropriated $150,000 to the Department of Health and Senior Services to ensure that vitally important Alzheimer’s programs and services continue to be delivered.  These service grants have also served as a match for federal grants, bringing more than $2.5 million in federal funding to the state over the last eight years. 

 The Missouri Coalition of Alzheimer's Association Chapters' policy recommendation for 2013 is to increase Alzheimer's Service Grants to $300,000.  This increase would begin to restore appropriations to the 2009 level of $540,000.   


Kansas advocacy

  Alzheimer’s State Plan Task Force

As with Chapters across Missouri, Kansas advocates campaigned  for the creation of a task force to develop a statewide Alzheimer’s plan.  It, however, did not make it out of committee.  Eight town Hall meetings were held across the state, to clarify and strengthen understanding of state wide needs.  Results of the town hall meetings were shared with the House Long Term Care and Aging committee.  In addition, the aging subcommittee of the Governor’s Mental Health Planning Committee is creating an Alzheimer’s Task Force to explore gaps in services as it relates to assistance with the behavioral and affective symptoms of Alzheimer’s.  


Federal advocacy

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