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Erin Peters and Kris NicholsThere are times in a woman's life when she really needs her mom. For Erin Peters, that time was after the birth of her two boys, now 10 and 8 years old. As much as Erin needed her mother, however, her mother needed Erin. 

"The role reversal of Younger-onset Alzheimer's was so difficult," said Erin. "You want to be there for your mom because she did everything for you, but now you've got little ones who are looking to you too."

Erin and her family turned to the Alzheimer's Association for help. Her mother joined Association-recommended activities as a way to get out of the house and interact with other people living with the disease. The family also took advantage of the Association's respite program when they needed a break and support groups when they needed comfort.

"My support group was getting involved with volunteer committees." Erin became a vocal advocate for her mother and Alzheimer's disease, serving in leadership roles on Walk to End Alzheimer's and Memory Gala committees. She now sits on the board of directors.

"The programs at the Association provide, in addition to quality, professional help, the chance to bond with other people experiencing the same challenges, to share stories, swap notes, and better prepare for what is ahead," said Erin.

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