GO PURPLE on Alzheimer's Action Day, 9/21

September 21 is Alzheimer's Action Day, and the country is GOING PURPLE to raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease. But, we need YOUR HELP! Alzheimer's Action Day is our opportunity to share with our friends, family and co-workers the importance of Alzheimer's disease, and how together we can one day reach our vision of a world without Alzheimer's!

How can you participate in Alzheimer's Action Day? Here is how:

  • Go Purple! Wear purple clothing or accessories on September 21! From a bow in your hair to purple pants, wear purple with pride to show your support for the cause.
  • Ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers and facebook friends to GO PURPLE too!! I am just one, but together we are many, more purple makes a louder statement in our fight against Alzheimer's!    
  • Snap a pick of you, your friends or co-workers in your wearing purple and upload it to Facebook to join our "How do you purple?" campaign!
  • End ALZ on Facebook. Turn Facebook PURPLE by using our graphic as your profile picture. Tell your friends why you’re fighting Alzheimer’s and ask them to join you. Go purple on Facebook.   
  • Fight stigma. Although awareness of Alzheimer’s has grown, we still have a long way to go to educate others about the disease. Help us to create a conversation. Speak up about the facts: Alzheimer’s is NOT normal aging or “a little memory loss,” it is a progressive and fatal disease. 

For more ideas on how to join the fight and Go Purple in September, visit alz.org/WAM.

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