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A Minute

Advancing a cause, improving the lives of millions of Americans and changing the course of Alzheimer’s disease. Each of these things can be a major, time-consuming proposition.

But sometimes real change can come from something you do in a minute or less. A vote. A signature. Even a quick “Thank You”. Sometimes a minute can make all the difference.

Please take a minute and urge your member of Congress to join the Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease

The Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease is a bipartisan group working to bring the mounting Alzheimer's crisis to the forefront of the congressional agenda. Led in the House by Co-Chairs Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-MA), Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ), and by  Senator Susan M. Collins (R-ME) and Senator Mark R. Warner (D-VA) in the Senate, the Task Force has been instrumental in raising awareness and securing funding for research.

Nearly every minute someone in America develops Alzheimer’s. So, every minute that passes without action from Congress increases the devastating impact this disease has on families, caregivers and our nation. Please take a minute to act now.

Meet Congress

Are you willing to speak out on Alzheimer’s issues? Would you like a chance to speak directly with your congressman? Take part in our District-Forum-District program.

Please join fellow advocates and Alzheimer’s Association staff as they hold a series of vital meetings with members of Congress. Initial meetings are taking place in your area now through early April, with follow-up meetings to take place during the 25th Alzheimer's Association Advocacy Forum. A third meeting will be held during May and June back in congressional district offices.

These meetings are critical to ensuring our legislative priorities are acted upon quickly by this Congress. Sign up and get involved in this exciting program today.

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