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$20 Trillion

Caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease will cost the United States $20 trillion over the next 40 years. And while the financial costs of this disease are staggering, as you know the human cost of Alzheimer’s is even greater.

But we’re working to change that. Because of the strength of you and other advocates, our shared, tireless commitment to fighting this disease, and a strong National Alzheimer’s Plan to overcome it, we know we can make this issue a national priority.

Please continue to urge your legislators to provide $100 million in additional resources for research, education, care and support activities next year.

A Message for Our Nation’s Political Leaders

As an Association advocate, you received our survey earlier this fall asking you to help us identify the messages from the Alzheimer’s crisis that resonate most powerfully with you. We’ve had a fantastic response to the survey and would like to thank those of you who participated.

In addition to this survey, we’ve conducted focus groups with key staff on Capitol Hill to identify the most effective messages that will allow us to have the greatest impact on members of Congress. And, of course, thousands of you also shared your thoughts in-person at our Alzheimer’s Town Hall events. These initiatives are part of a broader national effort to press elected officials for action on Alzheimer’s.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned and turned that knowledge into action. This month we’re continuing work on a project designed to spark conversations about Alzheimer’s in Iowa, a key battleground state in the presidential election. Alzheimer’s advocates in Iowa are attending presidential campaign stops, wearing purple, distributing information and speaking with press whenever possible about the need to make Alzheimer’s a public policy priority. None of these efforts support any individual candidate, but they all seek to continue to elevate Alzheimer’s as a priority for our country.

...and more

The Alzheimer’s Ambassadors and advocates are getting the word out at the presidential and vice presidential debates, where we’ve successfully engaged students, elected officials and media personalities in discussions about Alzheimer’s disease. You can follow their activities on Facebook.

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