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As we enter into the holiday season and ask you to consider a special year end gift, it is with great pleasure that we highlight our Memories in the Making program.  Memories in the Making resulted from the exploration of the use of art as an alternative form of expression for people with dementia.  While Alzheimer’s disease brings constant reminders of failures and losses, Memories in the Making provides a non-judgmental environment in which participants can express feelings and emotions.  The focus is on the process rather than the product, allowing people with dementia to experience moments of joy and a renewed sense of accomplishment and self-respect. 


 ‘Land and Water’  painted by Bill Whitney



In each Memories in the Making class the artists (those with Alzheimer’s or their caregivers) are asked to talk about their paintings.  Bill shared that he had decided to restart this painting – which he had not completed the week before – and talked about not remembering what he was trying to do then.  He said it was frustrating for him, but he enjoys the part of the art process that he equates to problem solving and making it “work”. 

Although our vision remains a World Without Alzheimer’s we know that because there is no cure today we need to do everything we can to provide support and hope to those in need.  That is exactly what our Memories in the Making program is all about and one of our greatest joys is receiving gratitude from those who benefit from our work – people just like Bill Whitney. 

Won’t you help us continue to support the more than 76,000 Oregonians with Alzheimer’s disease? 

Please make your gift today.

Best Wishes,

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Kathleen Cody
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