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Vascular Cognitive Disorders: PIA Day Events
Bella Sky Hotel

Vascular factors increase risk for Alzheimer's disease. AD is both a neurodegenerative and vascular disorder. We propose in depth explorations into the various mechanisms linking vascular factors to AD and neurodegenerative events.


  • 4:15 – 4:25 p.m. Welcome, Sandra Black, University of Toronto, Canada & Perminder Sachdev, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • 4:25 – 4:45 p.m. Kurt Jellinger, University of Vienna, Austria (The Pathophysiology of Cerebral SVD)
  • 4:45 – 5:05 p.m. Marco Düring, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany (Neuroimaging SVD: Striving Toward Standards)
  • 5:05 – 5:25 p.m. Masafumi Ihara, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan (Animal Models of SVD: What Do They Teach Us About Vascular Cognitive Disorders?)
  •  5:25 – 5:50 p.m. Ingmar Skoog, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden (Linking SVD to Alzheimer’s Dsease: Current Status of the Evidence)
  • 5:50 – 6:15 p.m. Discussion


*Annual Business Meeting during AAIC (Sunday, July 13: 12:45 -2 p.m. at the Bella Sky Hotel, Room 179)

Time: 4:15 PM - 6:15 PM

We're sorry, the deadline for registering for this event has passed.